Antibody Core Facility

The Antibody Core Facility provides commonly used monoclonal antibodies to the BWH research community. The antibodies are available in convenient 500µg aliquots at a cost substantially lower than that of commercial vendors.

Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Vijay Kuchroo, DVM, Ph. D. 
Phone: (617) 525-5350

Other Staff

Research Specialist: Nasim Kassam 
Phone: (617) 768-8609

Business Manager: LaShaunda Gayden
Phone: (617) 525-5595 

Facilities and Equipments:

Location of Core: Landsdowne facility, room 3274

Major Equipment: ELISA washer, microplate reader, FACS, mini-bioreactor

Getting started:

To access the core, please contact Nasim Kassam at (617) 768-8609 or by email at

Departmental Web Link:

To access antibody request form, please click on link below: