Acronym Core Facility Contact Email Phone
ANTIBD Antibody Core Facility
BICOR BICOR-Cyclotron Core Victor H. Gerbaudo, Ph.D., M.S.H.C.A. (617) 732-6290
BIOMEM BioMEMS Core (BMC) Daniel Irimia, M.D., Ph.D. (617) 724-6543
BSTAT Biostatistics Core
BCCF Bone Cell Core Facility
BONE Bone Density and Body Composition Research Core Dr. Meryl S. LeBoff (Contact: Cindy Yan Yu) (617) 732-5643
BRAC Brigham Research Assay Core Shalender Bhasin
BRMC BRMC Confocal Core
AQUA BWH Aquatics Facility Eva P Buys (617) 732-8578
CCM BWH Center for Comparative Medicine
SHL BWH DFHCC Specialized Histopathology Core
HICFC BWH Human Immunology Center Flow Core (617) 525-1041
SCGC BWH Single Cell Genomics Core Email the SCG Core
BLOB BWH/Harvard Cohorts Biorepository J. Neville-Golden (617) 732-5781
CAMD CAMD Research Core Neal Lindeman, M.D.
CVFC Cardiovascular Flow Cytometry Core
CVPHY Cardiovascular Physiology Core
CBCONF CBRC Confocal Microscope Core Contact Core
CRCore Cell, Tissue and Organ Resource Core Casie Pendexter
CROSS Center for Clinical Investigation Contact CCI
CFCM Center for Comparative Medicine
CSRC Center for Skeletal Research Cores - Histology, Bone Cells, Cell Signaling Assays, and Imaging Imaging/Histo/Bone Cells/Cell Signaling CSRMAIL@PARTNERS.ORG
COMP Channing Computer Core
CHRONO Chronobiology Core
CTTC Circulating Tumor Cell Core Alarice Lowe, M.D.
CRC Clinical Research Center (CRC) Lynelle Cortellini (617) 724-8420
CC Confocal Core
CRIM Crimson Core
CCMC CRM Confocal Microscopy Core David Machon
CRMM CRM Multiphoton Microscopy Core Vladimir Vinarsky (617) 643-3419
ASSC CSB Administrative Support Services Core Dianne Moschella (617) 643-3220
MIP CSB Mouse Imaging Program Matthias Nahrendorf, MD, PhD
BIC CSB Research Informatics Core Misha Pivovarov (617) 643-0500
CTS CTS Shared Resources Core - CNY Campus Joren Madsen, MD
CVDM CVDM tissue bank Core
CYGC CytoGenomics Core Cynthia Morton, Ph.D. (617) 278-0082
TAQMAN DF/HCC High-Throughput Polymorphism Detection Core Immaculata De Vivo
PSL DF/HCC Pathology Specimen Locator
PHARMA DF/HCC Pharmacokinetics and Bioanalytical Chemistry Core
TMI DF/HCC Tissue MicroArray Core
TIMC DF/HCC Tumor Imaging Metrics Core
DRCAC Diabetes Research Center Administrative Core
CRPADM Division of Clinical Research Fava, Maurizio, M.D. (617) 726-8761
SDRIVE Driving Simulator Core Dr. Alex Bowers
FMTLC Fecal Microbiota Transplant Lab Core
SVECTR Gene Transfer Vector Core Contact Core
NBIOIF Genomics and Bioinformatics Hub Xianjun Dong XDONG@RICS.BWH.HARVARD.EDU
GTC Genomics and Technology Core Mike Talkowski, PhD
COX Gnotobiotic Mouse Cox 7 Core
HRPQCT High Resolution Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography Mary Bouxsein (617) 726-6723
HISTO Histopathology Research Core Dr. Robert Colvin (617) 726-0233
CRMFCC HSCI CRM FLow Cytometry Core Maris A. Handley (617) 643-0790
HISM Human Immune System Mouse Core
HSDC Human Skin Disease Resource Core Rachael A. Clark, MD, PhD
CFAR ID Retrovirology Core
J9core Jackson 9 Supply Core Tanabe, Kenneth PLIROFONIS@PARTNERS.ORG
JBC Joint Biology Consortium Core Email the JBC Core
KSRL Knight Surgical Research Lab David King, M.D.
LC Laboratory Core
CYTOF LMA CytoF Antibody Resource Core
NMR Martinos Center - Technology and Computational Core
CCTM Massachusetts Host-Microbiome Center Lynn Bry, MD, PhD
MHMCC Massachusetts Host-Microbiome Center Core
MRC McLean Animal Facility
MIC McLean Imaging Center Core (MIC)
MEE MEE Center for Clinical Research Operations Sameera Barakati Sameera_Barakati@MEEI.HARVARD.EDU
METAB Metabolic Core Lydia Lynch, PhD (617) 525-5151
MIRC Metabolic Imaging Core
BMES MGH Biomedical engineering shop
BIOIC MGH Biomedical Informatics Core
CCMPC MGH Cancer Center Molecular Pathology Confocal Core David M. Langenau, PhD
SHM MGH DF/HCC Specialized Histopathology Services Core Anat Stemmer-Rachamimov,M.D. (617) 726-5156
PET MGH Gordon PET Core Georges El Fakhri
MORPH MGH Morphometric Analysis Center
FLOW MGH Pathology: Flow, Image and Mass Cytometry Cores (Simches and CNY locations) Frederic Preffer, Ph.D (617) 726-7481
QPCR MGH Quantitative Real-Time PCR Core Facility Bakhos A. Tannous, Ph.D.
ZEBRA MGH Zebrafish Core
ELMC Microscopy Core Facility
MDSC Mission Driven Service Core James Gusella, PhD GUSELLA@HELIX.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
MIC2 Molecular Imaging Core Roy J. Soberman, M.D. (617) 726-3747
MPLC Molecular Profiling Laboratory Core
NNSF Nanosight Nanoparticle Sizing and Quantification Facility Xandra O. Breakfield BREAKEFIELD@HELIX.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
NTS NeuroTechnology Studio Lai Ding, PhD. (781) 901-6116
MOGI OGI Genomics Core Contact Core
OSCAR Outpatient Sleep, Circadian and Activity Rhythms Core Dr. Elizabeth Klerman EBKLERMAN@MGH.HARVARD.EDU
PCHDSC Partners Center for Healthcare Data Science Joshua Lin, M.D.
CBB Partners Central Biobank
IRB Partners IRB Core Contact Core
LMM Partners Personalized Medicine Lab for Molecular Medicine Heidi Rehm, PhD, FACMG (617) 768-8500
PCPGM Partners Personalized Medicine Translational Genomics Core Sami Samir Amr, PhD (617) 768-8377
RESCOM Partners Research Computing Core Brent Richter (857) 282-3777
PEPCOR Peptide/Protein Core Facility
PHCO Pharmacoepidemiology Integrated Analytics Service Center Lewis Seton LSETON@BWH.HARVARD.EDU
TPP Phenogenetic Core
PNLC Physiological NMR Laboratory Core Email the Core
PMB PMB Microscopy Core
PCRS Preclinical Center Research Support Core Facility Muratoglu, Orhun K.
RADSAF Radiation Safety Core
BSL Ragon BSL-3
RAGON Ragon Institute Immunology Core Michael Waring
RAGVIR Ragon Virology Core
BRIC Research Imaging Core
RPHARM Research Pharmacy Core Email Research Pharmacy (617) 855-2777
RSS Research Support Services
RSMG RSMG Glass Washing and Autoclaving Core Patricia Frederico (617) 724-2916
PBMD Sample Bio-repository for Personalized Medicine
SEA Seahorse Core Seahorse Core
SFLOW SERI Flow Cytometry Core Contact Core
SMORPH SERI Morphology Core Pablo Argueso
SL_EEG Sleep & EEG Core
SAAMS Smart and Autonomous Medical Systems (SaAMS) Core Julian Goldman, MD (617) 395-5692
CND The Center for Neurologic Diseases (ARCND) Flow Cytometry Core Facility Brenna Ford (978) 289-0606
TIIIC The Institute for Innovation in Imaging Core Facility Peter Caravan
PPC The Phenogenetic Project Core
TBR Tissue and Blood Repository Bill Richards, Ph.D. KKEE@PARTNERS.ORG
ICE Translational Discovery Laboratory
TRC Translational Research Center (TRC) Lynelle Cortellini (617) 724-8420
TRL Translational Research Laboratory
TEM Transmission Electron Microscopy Core Marian DiFiglia, Ph.D. DIFIGLIA@HELIX.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
VECTOR Viral Vector Core Bakhos Tannous, Director (617) 726-6026