The NeuroTechnology Studio

The NeuroTechnology Studio provides individual investigators access to advanced instrumentation, tools and expert support for studies focus on nervous system. The Studio locates in the BWH Hale Building for Transformative Medicine, with its primary location on BTM 07006 suite and other equipment housed on BTM— 9th and 10th floors.  User has to be trained to gain access to the equipment.

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The NeuroTechnology Studio’s equipment currently include the following

Zeiss LSM880 + FAST AiryScan Confocal

Zeiss LSM710 Confocal

GE INCELL Analyzer 2200

Leica DMi8 Widefield Microscope

Agilent Seahorse XFe96 Analyzer

Leeica RM2125 Rotary Microtome

Three dedicated workstations with Image Analysis software : Avia 3D rendering, SVI Huygens Professional (Deconvolution), Zeiss Zen, Leica LAS X, GE In Carta, FIJI ImageJ.

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To lear more on NeuroTechnology Studio regarding equipment, training and usage, please contact: Dr. Lai Ding, Senior Imaging Scientist—NeuroTechnology Studio (  and visit our website