The Outpatient Sleep ,Circadian and Activity Rhythms (OSCAR) Core (Elizabeth Klerman MD PhD, Core Director) provides the scientific expertise and technical support to facilitate the rigorous collection, processing, and analysis of outpatient sleep, actigraphy, and circadian rhythms data for human studies. Dr. Klerman is also available to provide expert consulting on study design and interpretation related to incorporating sleep and circadian assessments into ongoing and planned human clinical research studies.

The Core is housed within the MGH Division of Sleep Medicine and will serve as a nucleus for collaborative interdisciplinary sleep research at MGH and broader MGB community. The Core will oversee the purchase and calibration of actigraphs; implement a robust online sleep diary with real-time consistency checking and integrate the diary with actigraphy files; oversee standard and advanced signal analysis of the actigraphy data; train and support staff in use of actigraphy and the online diaries; facilitate interactions with other faculty with expertise in circadian and sleep research; and provide data and support human research projects including training new investigators if requested.

 Please contact Dr. Klerman at about the Core before ordering services through this website.

Sample text for grant applications (including Budget Justification section) and IRB protocols is available.

Core Fees are listed below. Each project is responsible for including the data collection and analysis on their IRB protocols.

Core Fees:


Internal MGB

External Academic/Non-Profit

External Industry

Start-up fees per project - no new questionnaire




Start-up fees per project - with new questionnaire




Actigraphy rental, initiation, download, primary analysis using the manufacturer program (per participant-week)




Sleep/wake Log (per participant-week)




Combined Actigraphy and Sleep/wake log (per participant-week)