***The Radiation Safety Office will continue to function and provide basic services during the shut down.

Radiation Safety Core

The mission of the Radiation Safety Office/Core is to promote the safe and effective use of radioactive material and advise on polices and procedures to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Rex Woodleigh
Phone: (617) 724-4577
Fax: (617) 726-5126
Email: rwoodleigh@partners.org

Other Staff:

Assistant Director: Tara Medich
Phone: (617) 724-4578
Fax: (617) 726-5126
Email: tmedich@partners.org

Radiation Waste Manager: Lori Connors
Phone: (617) 724-4576
Fax: (617) 726-5126
Email: lconnors1@partners.org


Location of Core:

Our main office is located in the West End House with branch offices located in the Simches Research Building and CNY building 149. We have low-level waste storage facilities located at the Main Campus, CNY Bldg 149, and CNY Bldg 114, McLean Hospital and the Simches Research building.

Getting Started:

To access the core or if you have questions, please contact Rex Woodleigh at (617) 724-4577 
or by fax at (617) 726-5126 or by email at rwoodleigh@partners.org.