*** Tumor Imaging Metrics Core is still operating at this time.

DF/HCC Tumor Imaging Metrics Core

The mission of the Tumor Imaging Metrics Core (TIMC) is to provide reliable and consistent standardized tumor measurements of radiological images to evaluate treatment response for oncology clinical trials. As an independent core laboratory, the TIMC provides objective anatomic and functional imaging measurements which enhances the efficiency and quality of clinical trials using this service.

Personnel/Contact Information:

Co-Director (MGH): Gordon J. Harris, Ph.D.
Phone: (617) 726-9464
Fax: (617) 724-6130
Email: gjharris@partners.org

Co-Director (DFCI/BWH): Annick D. Van den Abbeele, M.D.
Phone: (617) 632-2595
Fax: (617) 632-3581
Email: aabbeele@partners.org

Operations Manager (MGH): Deanne Hobba
Phone: (978) 317-7100
Fax: (617) 724-6130
Email: dhobba@partners.org

Facilities and Equipment:

Locations of Cores:

Brigham and Women's Hospital, 3D and Image Processing Center
Massachusetts General Hospital, 3D Imaging Service
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Department of Imaging

Major Equipment:

Imaging network connecting five DF/HCC imaging centers
2D and 3D image analysis workstations
Image study archive (PACS)


The Tumor Metrics Core provides four primary services to DF/HCC investigators:

- Consultation services for image-based protocol and image analysis design
- Image capture and management of scans from all DF/HCC institutions
- Bi-directional and volumetric image measurement of lesions from scans of patients on clinical trials
- Results reporting and database management of radiological data for clinical trials

The Tumor Imaging Metrics Core will maintain a database of longitudinal, radiological and clinical data to provide an auditable record of quantitative measurements for clinical trials conducted through the DF/HCC.

Included in the TIMC user fees are the following services; consultation with DF/HCC Trial PIs prior to trial initiation, image study capture from DF/HCC centers, image study archival for length of the trial, tumor measurements as specified in the protocol, database management of measurement results and image snapshots, web-based results reporting and assistance with trial audits with respect to the image analysis components of the trial. For sites outside of DF/HCC, other fees may apply.

The TIMC offers consultative services to clinical trials investigators at no additional cost to DF/HCC investigators. The goal of the consultative service is to optimize clinical trials' protocol design for imaging acquisition and analysis methods so that trials are established with appropriate and optimal imaging methods.

  • (1) RECIST - Response Evaluation Criteria for Solid Tumors (linear).
  • (2) WHO - World Health Organization criteria (bi-directional).
  • (3) IWRC - International Workshop Response Criteria (bi-directional).
  • (4) Cheson - (bi-directional)
  • (5) SUV - Standard Uptake Value, using body weight formula.
  • (6) Choi - RECIST plus density measurements on CT scans w/contrast.
  • (7) IRRC - Immune-Related response criteria (bi-directional) factors new lesions into the response calculation.
  • (8) Includes modified RECIST measurements for brain.
  • (9) For fees for non-Partners and non-DF/HCC customers, please contact the TIMC Core Manager, Deanne Hobba.
  • (10) Includes electronic transfer of image studies or import of CD at remote site. Other fees may also apply. Contact the TIMC Core manager before ordering scan analysis from outside sites.

Getting Started:

To obtain authorization to access the core, please contact the TIMC Help Desk at tumormetrics@partners.org.

Core services can also be requested by selecting TIMC services on the DFCI IRB New Project Request Form.

Departmental Web Link: