CRM Confocal Microscopy Core

Note: currently, this equipment is now open to all MGH researchers. Please email Maris to ask about training (do not only request training...I may not get that notification))

Leica SP8 confocal (room 4298): UV laser, Argon (450/488/514/532) laser, White Light Laser; 5 detectors (2 PMTs/3 HyDs); 10x, 20xIMM, 40x water, 63x water, 63x oil

Leica SPE confocal (room 4826): Leica SPE confocal microscope: 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 635nm laser lines; 1 PMT; 10x, 20x IMM, 40x oil, 63x oil

Access to these microscopes is available only after training is complete.