Dear Core User,

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, per directives from Senior management at Partners and the Hospitals, this research core facilities will have a hiatus in their service offering. We will not be offering service till we are advised to resume operation.

Please stay safe in this challenging time and we look forward to working with you in the future.

The CND Flow Cytometry Core Facility

The ARCND Flow Cytometry Core Facility is a multi-purpose, multi-instrument, multi-optional cell sorting and analyzing facility.  We have 3 - BD FACSAria cell sorters and 4 multi-laser analyzers.  Each sorter can sort cells based on  8  or 13 parameters, and sort the desired populations at one cell per well into plates or upto 4 tubes simultaneously.  We have 4 analyzers ranging from a 2 laser - 4 color FACSCalibur to a 5 laser - 18 color BD Fortessa.

A - BD FACSAria IIu - 3 lasers (blue, red, violet) - 9 color parameters

B - BD FACSAria IIu - 3 lasers (blue, red, violet) - 9 color parameters

C - BD FACSAria SORP - 3 lasers (blue, red, UV) - 13 color parameters

BD Fortessa - 5 lasers (blue, yellow, red, violet, UV) - 18 color parameters

BD LSRII - 3 lasers (blue, red, violet) - 8 color parameters

BD FACSCalibur - 2 lasers (blue, red) - 4 color parameters

MACSQuant - 3 lasers (blue, yellow, violet) - 8 color parameters

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