Welcome to the HSCI-CRM Flow Cytometry Core Facility!

The CRM Flow Cytometry Core Facility offers dedicated research space, specialized equipment, and trained technicians to assist researchers with their cytometry sorting and analysis needs.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9:00AM-6:30PM
 Staff: Maris Handley, Daire Daly, Jacqueline Choi, Jamie Kauffman, and Pathik Sen

 Email: crm.flow.cytometry@gmail.com

Location: Simches 4310

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We’d like to ask your help in having a better understanding of sorting efficiency, and which cell types are most affected. If you have enough cells to check, and a method to count them, we’d appreciate it if you would let us know your counts post-sort. This information will help us advise other users and troubleshoot should issues come up.

New? Start here:

Prior to scheduling time at our facility, you will need to 1. create an account on our online system, 2. link a fund number to that account, and 3. Complete a Biosafety Agreement.  

Biosafety AgreementFor all new users. Please complete this form if you intend to use our core facility. This needs to be submitted to us before scheduling any time.

Administrative and Experimental Info Sheet — This sheet will provide you with all of the necessary information you will need prior to using our core.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

Pricing information for each of our services and equipment can be found here

Interested in training on one of our machines? Click here

We now offer BSL2+ sorting!

We are now able to run a wider variety of BSL2 samples on our FACSAriaII - Aria3. Per Universal Precautions: All primary human samples will be considered BSL2 samples.

Prior to being able to run such samples, please complete the following questionnaire:

BSL2+ PI Questionnaire - To be filled out by the PI of any lab that wishes to sort BSL2 samples.

Our BSL2+ sorting policies can be found here. 
Please review this prior to sorting BSL2 samples with us.

If you have any questions about our new BSL2+ sorting capabilities, please don't hesistate to stop by or email us! 

Click on the links below to learn more about each of our instruments:

Aria 1 — FACSAriaIIu in hood
Aria 2 — FACSAriaII
Aria 3 — FACSAriaII in hood

*Coming soon*: Bigfoot

Spectraviewers/Panel Design:




Fluorescent proteins: https://www.fpbase.org/

Fluorofinder (our default configurations are here): https://fluorofinder.com/


Biosafety Agreement – For all new users. Please complete and submit this form if you intend to use our core facility. This needs to be submitted to us before scheduling any time.

Human Sort Document – For anybody bringing live, tested, uninfected human samples (non-BSL2). You must bring this form every time you bring live human cells.
Anybody working with live human cells (non-BSL2 cell lines) MUST also bring documentation stating that the cells have been tested and found negative for HIV, HepB, and HepC and are otherwise non-infectious samples.

BSL2+ PI Questionnaire - To be filled out by the PI of anyone who wishes to sort BSL2 samples.

Other useful information:

Introduction to Flow Cytometry  an excellent collection of flow cytometry training videos provided by BD Biosciences
FlowBook - Intro to Flow - created by DeNovo Software, another great resource for learning about flow cytometry
Compensation Tutorial – courtesy of Dr. Mario Roederer, this website will teach you about compensation
New England Cytometry – stay up to date on all of the flow cytometry happenings in the New England area