Brigham Research Assay Core

The mission of the BRAC Laboratory is to provide a comprehensive menu of state-of-the-art high-quality research assays to the Partners and non-Partners research communities at competitive costs. The BRAC Laboratory is a dynamic entity seeking to meet the needs of its investigators with new and relevant technologies, and evolving research support. In addition to the immunoassay technology, BRAC offers testing using Equilibrium Dialysis and LC-MS/MS platforms. BRAC's portfolio of LC-MS/MS tests include hormone assays: Testosterone, 25-OH vitamin D2/D3, Estradiol and Estrone, and DHT with additional assays being added in the future as we develop more precise methodology to analyze small molecules, and potentially non-human specimens.



  • Provide assays in a timely manner at high quality and low cost

  • Offer access to investigators to unique or rare assays

  • Provide the flexibility to add new or previously unavailable assays

  • Offer individualized consulting and experimental assay design


BRAC is a CLIA certified laboratory and is accredited by the Joint Commission.

Personnel/contact Information:

Shalender Bhasin, MD
Laboratory Director


Location of Core:
221 Longwood Ave
RFB 4th Floor, Rm 477
Boston, MA

FY21 Prices/Menu (Effective 10/01/2020 - 9/30/2021): 


Internal Fee: Partners 

BC001: Cortisol, Serum


BC002: DHEA, Sulfate


BC003: Estradiol by Chemiluminescense


BC004: FSH


BC006: IL‐6


BC007: Insulin


BC008: LH


BC011: PTH




BC016: TPO Antibody $23.00
BC017: Thyroglobulin Antibody II $21.00
BC018: Free T3 $18.00
BC019: Free T4 $18.00
BC020: Total T3  $17.00
BC021: Total T4 $17.00

EL001: Adiponectin, Total


EL003: PAI‐1


EL005: TNF-alpha


EL006: PYY


EL008: CTX


EL009: E-Selectin


El012: Osteocalcin


EL014: LL‐37


EL015: DBP


EL016: Ghrelin, Active by ELISA


EL017: High Molecular Weight Adiponectin


EL019: NTX, Serum


EL020: Oxytocin by ELISA


EL021: Aldosterone


EL024: AER (Aldo Excretion Rate)


EL025: Cortisol, Saliva


RAxxx: P1NP


EL028: PRA (Plasma Renin Activity)




EL030: Anti Mullerin Hormone (AMH)


EL0xx: CRP (High Sensitive) TBA

RA007: Cortisol, Urine Free


RA010: Leptin


DN001: DNA, Blood


DN002: DNA, Cells


DN003: DNA, Saliva


LC‐MS/MS002: Cortisol, Serum/Plasma


LC‐MS/MS003: Cortisol, Urine




LC‐MS/MS005: Estradiol/Estrone (E1/E2)


LC‐MS/MS006: Estradiol


LC‐MS/MS007: Melatonin, Plasma


LC‐MS/MS009: Progesterone


LC‐MS/MS010: Total Testosterone


LC‐MS/MS011: 25OH D2D3


LC‐MS/MS014: Epinephrine/Norepinephrine, Urine combined




LC‐MS/MS019: Myostatin (GDF‐8)


LC‐MS/MS020: GDF‐11


CB003:Myostatin and GDF‐11 Combo


LC‐MS/MS021: Angiotensin II


LC‐MS/MS022: Angiotensin III


CB004: Angiotensin II/III Combo


LC-MS/MS025: Angiotensin 1-7


LC-MS/MS026: Des Arginine bradykinin (DABK)


LC-MS/MS027: Des Arginine Kallidin (DAKD)


LC-MS/MS028: Covid-19 Combo Test
  • Angiotensin II [MS021]
  • Angiotensin 1-7 9[MS025]
  • Des Arginine bradykinin (DABK) [MS026]
  • Des Arginine Kallidin (DADK) [MS027]
LC-MS/MS0xx: Allopregnanolone TBA
LC-MS/MS0xx: AVP (arginine vasopressin)

CB001: Sex Hormone Combination (SHBG, Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, DHT, Estradiol, Estrone)


CB002: Total and Free Testosterone Combo


***Please Contact the Core for External Pricing, any externally funded testing is subject to Overhead Rates***
The internal user fee was calculated based on the direct costs of providing each service. A Partners investigator using a Partners fund is considered an internal user. The external user fee comprises the direct fee charged to the internal user plus an overhead component. External users are identified as investigators (Partners-affiliated or non-Partners-affiliated) and institutions that use non-Partners funds to pay for research core services. 

Special Requests 
The following tests are also available upon request, but are not part of the standard test menu. There may be additional charges if the kits are not fully used.

  • BC005: Growth Hormone
  • BC009: Progesterone
  • BC010: Prolactin
  • BC013: Testosterone
  • BC014: TSH
  • BC015: BSAP
  • EL004: Resistin
  • EL007: VCAM
  • EL010: ICAM
  • EL011: N‐Telopeptides
  • EL013: RBP‐4
  • EL023: Inhibin B
  • RA011: C‐Peptide
  • RA002: ACTH
  • RA009: Active Ghrelin by RIA
  • LC‐MS001: 6-sulphatoxy melatonin (aMT), Urine
  • LC‐MS008: 17-Hydroxyprogesterone
  • LC-MS012: Epinephrine, Urine
  • LC-MS013: Epinephrine, Plasma
  • LC-MS015: Epi/Norepinephrine, Plasma

Additional Services


Internal Fee: Partners

AD001: Assay Development (per hour)


AD002: Assay Validation/Customization (per hour)


AD003: DNA Plating

$6.55 per sample or
$225 per 100 samples

Cocktail Preservative Preparation (per tube)


Sample Storage (per sample per month)


 Getting started:

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