Circulating Tumor Cell Core

The Circulating Tumor Cell Core Facility uses immunomagnetic technology developed by Veridex/Janssen Diagnostics, LLC (Raritan, NJ) to isolate rare tumor cells from whole blood. Isolated tumor cells can then be counted or used for downstream analysis.

Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Alarice Lowe, M.D
Phone: 617-732-4815
Fax: 617-739-6192

Research Administrator Pathology Department: Mary LoGiudice-Croce
Phone: 617-525-7969

Grants Administrator Pathology Department:  Mishell Alberto

Phone:  617-525-7917


Facilities and Equipment:

Brigham and Women's Hospital 
Medical Research Building, 3rd Floor 
75 Francis St. 
Boston, MA 02115 

Major Equipment: 
CellSearch Autoprep
CellTracks Analyzer II

Getting Started:

To access the core please email Alarice Lowe, M.D :

Departmental Web Link: