Biostatistics Core

The Biostatistics Core provides support to MGH investigators in the design and analysis of research studies. This includes assistance in the preparation of proposals and protocols by calculating the required sample size of the study as well as preparing an analysis plan. Also, assistance is provided in performing the analyses as well as providing database and statistical computing support (including tasks involving website applications), and preparing data reports. The staff includes biostatisticians, data managers, project managers, research assistants, and computing staff.

Personnel/Contact Information:

Contact: Dr. Hang Lee 
Phone: (617) 726-4293
Fax: (617) 724-9879 

Facilities and Equipments:

Location of Core:
50 Staniford Street, Suite 560

Major Equipment:
PC with statistical Software


- Preparation of proposals and protocols: study design, sample size determination, analysis plan for grant application, IRB application, etc.
- Data reporting: instruction for report generation for Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) report, statistical progress report, study closing summary report, manuscript publication
- Data analysis: prepare analysis plans, guide data analyses, provide high level data analysis. Manuscript preparation and revision.
- Computing support: statistical package, development of special computational programs, large capacity server (e.g., cluster computing), website applications
- Database management: design/construction and management of cross sectional and longitudinal clinical study databases as well as final data extraction and conversion for standard statistical package input

Getting started:

To set up an initial free consult, for support on grant applications, study design, and data analysis plans through the Catalyst Grant, request a biostatistics consult at:

To request Biostatistic Core support, contact Hang Lee, PhD at

Departmental Web Link: