BWH Pathology Cores (DF/HCC)

The Specialized Histopathology Services- Longwood (SHL) Core provides pathology services including high quality, timely, state-of-the-art analysis of tissues obtained from a variety of experimental systems, including human and non-human subjects. 

The Specialized Histopathology Services- Longwood (SHL) is a CLIA and CAP certified core laboratory offering a variety of histopathology services. 

  • Routine processing, sectioning and staining of paraffin/ OCT samples
  • Spatial genomic sectioning  for Xenium, Visium, Codex and MerFish 
  • Advanced staining, IHC, IF, and RNA ISH in conjunction with ACD RNAscope
  • Facilitate access to patient clinical samples for trial eligibility

The Tissue Microarray & Imaging (TMI) Core generates tissue microarrays (TMAs) that allow hundreds of tissue samples to be evaluated on a single slide, maximizing precious tissue resources. In addition, the Core provides cutting-edge digital pathology services.

The Tissue Microarray & Imaging Core is a CLIA and CAP certified core laboratory offering variety of construction and imaging services. 

  • Construction of high-quality tissue microarrays
  • Coring of FFPE for RNA or DNA extraction
  • Digitizing whole slide and TMA's  [bright field and immunofluorescent] using the Leica imaging platforms
  • Access to Leica's Image Analysis Toolbox 

Getting Started

Please download the Getting Started instructions here [Coming soon].

Hours of Operation

We are offering walk-in hours for Drop-Off and Pick-Up Monday-Thursday between 10am to 3:30pm; and Friday by appointment only (pre-approved by Donna at; or Teri at

Contact Information

Contact Teri Bowman, Core Manager at

Contact Lauri Wyner, DF/HCC Research Cores Director of Administration at


Brigham and Women's Hospital

20 Shattuck Street, Thorn, 604, 603b, 

Boston, MA 02115

Core Policies:

All services are provided as a fee for service function to recover expenses for services rendered. In the event that results are not what you anticipated, we must still recoup our expenses and payment is required.

The Pathology Cores are committed to provide high quality services and diligent care of materials and specimens. However, we will not be responsible for unsuccessful projects stemming from inadvertent specimen damage or loss, improper tissue handling or fixation, or reagent/equipment failure.

To assist us in reporting to the NCI and to ensure our continued existence, we ask that you acknowledge the valuable services provided by Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Core Facilities in your research papers and publications: [e.g. "This research was supported by the (insert Core name) Core Facility of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (P30 CA06516)."]