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Provides access to over 2 million IRB approved frozen biosamples from Nurses Health study, Physicians Health study and Health Professionals follow-up study.
This core is a resource center that optimizes and utilizes all donor organs to provide cells, tissues and organs for research and therapeutic uses.
Provides clinical samples or consented patient samples to research purposes.
The mission of the Cardiovascular, Diabetes, and Metabolic Disorders (CVDM) Research Center is to foster and stimulate collaborative research and technological innovation that will lead to groundbreaking and effective approaches for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity. The core is a repository of human myocardial, vascular, and stromal tissues.
The Sample Processing Laboratory (SPL) is a centralized core facility for processing research samples obtained from patients enrolled in clinical trials of anticancer chemotherapeutic agents at the MGH Cancer Center (MGHCC), for short-term storage and shipment to designated laboratories.
Centralized repository of patient and normal tissue and blood samples.