cell resource core

Cell, Tissue and Organ Resource Core

The Cell Resource Core at Massachusetts General Hospital is comprised of a diverse team of highly trained staff comprised of physicians, researchers and technicians. We have since expanded our services to not only provide high quality human, rat and mouse liver cell isolations, but also small animal microsurgery, organ perfusion services and training. Our team is pleased to share our knowledge and create defining results that can benefit everyone in the pursuit of science.

Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Korkut Uygun, Ph.D.
Email: kuygun@partners.org

Operations Manager: Casie Pendexter
Email: cpendexter@mgh.harvard.edu

Core Administrator: Ilana Reis
Email: ireis@partners.org

Research Associate & Accounts Manager: Mohammadreza Mojoudi
Email: mmojoudi@mgh.harvard.edu


Location: 51 Blossom Street Boston MA 02114

Any queries about the services provided, please contact us at contact@cellresourcecore.org