Cell, Tissue and Organ Resource Core

The mission of the Cell Resource Core (CRC) is to provide high quality primary cells and tissues to researchers reliably and affordably. Leveraging a new MGH technology that significantly increases the viable yield of high quality hepatocytes from human and animal donor livers, we are initially offering hepatocytes to the research community.

Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Korkut Uygun, Ph.D.
Email: kuygun@partners.org

Operations Manager: Bote Bruinsma 
Email: Bruinsma.Bote@mgh.harvard.edu

Core Administrator: Ilana ReisCell
Email: ireis@partners.org

Accounts Manager: Sharon Geerts
Email: sgeerts@mgh.harvard.edu

Products Manager: Sinan Ozer
Email: sozer@mgh.harvard.edu


Location: 51 Blossom Street Boston MA 02114


  • Fresh hepatocytes in suspension (>90% viability at time of isolation)
  • Plated hepatocytes
  • Cryopreserved hepatocytes
  • Custom hepatocyte isolations (species/strain) will be considered on a client-to-client basis. Please inquire.
  • Decellularized whole rat livers.

Getting Started:

Please fill out Cell Ordering Application form. Submit the form, and any queries, to contact@cellresourcecore.org .

***Telephone assistance is also available Mon-Fri from 10am-5pm:  (857) 250-7634


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