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At Your Service

At the MGB Personalized Medicine Biobank Genomics Core, we partner for success. Our comprehensive technical expertise, leading genomics technologies, and high-quality service has helped Partners investigators advance their genomic research programs for more than a decade. Our goal is to make these technologies accessible for all research projects, small and large, while offering the best customer service in the industry.

Our services are:

As Your Partner

We customize all of our services to meet your research needs. With a strong focus on customer service, our research professionals will partner with you and your team from start to finish, providing guidance from project initiation through results delivery, ensuring the best approach to achieve accurate and reproducible data, time and again.

At the MGB Biobank Genomics Core, we:

  • Operate under Good Lab Practice (GLP), which means that our research services are held to the highest standards– and you receive the highest quality data;
  • Conduct all testing in-house, preserving sample integrity and therefore data quality;
  • Offer comprehensive reports, including raw data, as well as in-depth analysis of data by our expert bioinformaticians; and
  • Enjoy a strong history of comprehensive genomics experience and knowledge, which we offer to you.

Accounts and Ordering

All of our projects are managed via our customer portal, called Gateway for Integration of Genomic-Proteomic Applications and Data (GIGPAD).

Submit a batch order

Please submit a batch order prior to submitting samples. To do this, you must first set up a GIGPAD account. You also must have a valid purchase order or PeopleSoft number.

To request a login to GIGPAD: Visit  and Select “click here to request a login.”

 *Note: sample names in the “Sample Submission” form that is uploaded in GIGPAD should only contain alphabetic characters, numbers, and underscores. It should not contain spaces, dots, or dashes. Please limit sample names to 24 characters or less. This ensures that the detection and any downstream analysis pipeline processes run smoothly.


For quotes and customer inquiries, please email


To start a project with the MGB PM Biobank Genomics Core, submit a GIGPAD batch order before submitting samples.

How do I get started?

For quotes and customer inquiries, please contact us at To set up a Gateway for Integration of Genomic-Proteomic Applications and Data (GIGPAD) batch order, please visit our order entry page.

How can I submit samples?

To submit samples, please first place a GIGPAD batch order by going to our order entry page. Once this is created, please contact us prior to bringing samples over. We generally receive samples Monday through Friday 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm.  Please bring all GIGPAD batch paperwork with you. 

Where is MGB Personalized Medicine Biobank Genomics Core located?

MGB Personalized Medicine
65 Landsdowne St., 3rd floor
Cambridge, MA 02139-4232

How do I receive my data?

You will be contacted when data is available. Depending on size, data will be available to view through GIGPAD, be available for download, or can be shipped to you on an external hard drive. Data will remain available from MGB Personalized Medicine for 3 months.

Contact MGB PM Biobank Genomics Core

For all Translational Genomics Core quotes and customer inquiries, please contact: