CRM Microscopy Core

The CRM Microscopy Core offers dedicated research space and specialized equipment to assist researchers with their varied imaging needs, including confocal and multiphoton techniques. All microscopes are operated by researchers themsleves, allowing for 24/7 access and operation. 

Current equipment includes:

   Olympus FVMPE-RS Multiphoton Microscopy System

Based on the significant and growing demand for multiphoton imaging within the Center for Regenerative Medicine (CRM) and surrounding laboratories, the CRM added a Olympus FVMPE-RS Multiphoton Microscopy System in the fall of 2015. Our goal is to shed light on stem cell biology and beyond by providing a core resource for investigators interested in live imaging. 

Sample Images and Movies:

Courtesy of the Rajagopal Lab:

Live Epithelial Regeneration in an Explanted Tissue

Courtesy of the Liao Lab:

Live Zebrabow Embryo Chondrocytes

Courtesy of the Lin Lab:

Live Mouse Laser-Tagged Bone Marrow Cells