The Joint Biology Consortium (JBC) Core

The Joint Biology Consortium (JBC) is a shared infrastructure based at the Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston Children's Hospital, and the Broad Institute to accelerate the work of an arthritis-focused Research Community at 17 research centers in the US and abroad. JBC spurs innovation within an inclusive and highly collaborative network of senior and junior investigators, leading the Joint Biology Consortium to become an engine of translational research in adult and pediatric arthritis.

Core Mission Statement:

Breaking down barriers to translational research is the key to finding new approaches to inflammatory arthritis in adults and children.

Core Goals and Objectives:

The Human Biosamples Core (HBC) is dedicated to providing JBC members with a vibrant, evolving infrastructure that efficiently brings BWH and Boston Children 's Hospital resources together as a unified biospecimen pipeline. This complex task is led by a team expert in patient identification, recruitment, phenotyping, data management/analysis, statistical support and project management.

The Cellular Systems Core (CSC) tackles the technical challenges by state-of-the-art approaches for human and murine cell analysis for JBC members. These technologies often require investments in infrastructure and development that render them highly amenable to economies of scale. These challenges include biosample preparation, cell-to-cell variation, and pre-clinical models. At the CSC, JBC members are offered Hoxb8 services effectively and efficiently for a nominal fee.