CAMD Translational Biomarker Core (TBC, formerly the CAMD Research Core)

BWH’s Center for Advanced Molecular Diagnostics (CAMD) is a CLIA-certified clinical molecular and cytogenetics diagnostics laboratory offering a wide range of high quality, innovative genetic cancer diagnostic services. Within CAMD, the Translational Biomarker Core (TBC, formerly the CAMD Research Core) provides the same clinical grade sample preparation and diagnostic testing services on a fee for service basis to support both local and global research communities. Studies performed in partnership with TBC span grant-funded academic research to active academic and industry sponsored clinical trials. 

BEFORE ORDERING CYTOGENETICS SERVICES, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE PROJECT REQUEST FORM, FILL OUT, AND SEND TO Upon review, we will determine a timeframe in which the lab can accept the samples.

BEFORE ORDERING SPECIMEN RETRIEVAL SERVICES (OncoPanel or RHP DNA), PLEASE FILL OUT THE SPECIMEN RETRIEVAL REQUEST FORM AND SEND TO Upon review, we will determine whether sufficient material is available to distribute.

Overview of Specimen Submission Requirements and Instructions

  • Create a user account on the Partners Core Management system.
  • Log into your Partners Core account and enter or update a Service Request with all project information and sample details completed.  
    • PLEASE NOTE: We require 2 matching identifiers on the submission form and the physical samples.
    • Acceptable sample information documentation:
      • CAMD TBC Service Request – complete the “Sample Information” section in the TBC website.
      • Sample Manifest Excel File – in lieu of typing into the website, complete a sample manifest, upload to the Service Request in the “Documents” section, and email it to 
      • Custom Submission Form – for ongoing/longitudinal studies, TBC can assist to create a custom requisition per project. Contact us for details!
    • Acceptable sample identifiers include: subject number, block number (FFPE), surgical case number, SHL accession, DOB or YOB, initials.
    • The identifier information must be identical between the form and samples; receipt of mis-matched and/or incomplete sample information will delay processing.
  • For all sample submissions please email us at; include the date and time you would like to stop by if you are a walk-in user, or send a shipping notification with tracking number for all sample shipments.  
    • Be sure to include the PI name or Study ID and the CAMD-ID number in the subject line of the email for all correspondence.
    • Include a printed copy of the completed Service Request or the Sample Submission Form (in case of ongoing/longitudinal studies) with each drop-off or shipment to the appropriate address below.
  • Reports will be delivered via OneDrive (OncoPanel) or PowerPath email (all other assays).

For Complete Submission Instructions and Sample Requirements, Click the Appropriate Link Below 

NGS Test Information           


  • Walk-in Address | Monday - Friday 9:30am-4:00pm
    CAMD Accessioning
    5th floor (Elevator N),
    BWH Shapiro building,
    70 Francis Street
  • Shipping Address | Monday - Friday 9:30am-4:00pm
    Brigham and Women's Hospital
    Center for Advanced Molecular Diagnostics, SH-5030
    75 Francis Street, Boston, MA 02115
    ATTN: CAMD TBC Research Core

If you need additional information, please email