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The Gene Transfer Vector Core (GTVC) offers research-grade rAAV vector production services to research labs and industry. The GTVC is part of the Grousbeck Center for Gene Therapy and is located at Schepens Eye Research Institute, Mass Eye & Ear Infirmary, affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

The GTVC uses triple-plasmid transient transfection of mycoplasma negative HEK293 cells for rAAV production. Produced rAAVs are purified by performing downstream processing steps that include tangential flow filtration, ultrafiltration, and buffer exchange. Quality control of purified rAAV vectors includes ddPCR (titer determination) and SDS-PAGE (purity analysis).

Our Services Include:

  •  Pre-made rAAV vectors: 
    • Order a pre-made rAAV vector from our inventory catalog. Pre-made rAAV vectors have fluorescent protein, luciferase, or other reporters as the gene of interest expressed under the control of different promoters and encapsulated in different capsids. Inventory aliquots consist of 100uL aliquots of ≥1E12GC/mL vectors.   
  • Custom rAAV vectors:  
    • Select this option to order a rAAV vector containing any gene of interest. Refer to our capsid repository below for choosing the desired capsid and to the table below for price and expected yield. Contact us via email for packaging rAAV vector in a custom capsid.

    • See Sample Submission Guidelines for more information about the requirements for submitting a service request.
AAV3 AAVAnc80L65
AAV3b AAVrh8c
AAV6.2 AAVrh74
AAV7 AAVrh10
AAV7m8 AAVrh32.33
AAV8 AAV2-retro 
  • Molecular biology services: 
    • The following services can be requested as an add-on to rAAV manufacturing or as stand-alone services. Note that ddPCR and SDS-PAGE are quality control measures included in rAAV manufacturing service.  

      • AAV prep quality control (ddPCR & SDS-PAGE)We offer ddPCR and SDS-PAGE as quality control measures for any purified AAV prep. Titration via ddPCR provides highly accurate quantification of rAAV genomes, while SDS-PAGE is used to visualize the ratio of the three viral capsid proteins and assess the purity of rAAV vectors. Provide 40uL of a purified rAAV prep and corresponding plasmid map of the transgene for titration. Note that this service is included as part of the QC of the custom rAAV production. 
      • cis plasmid cloning (transfer of gene of interest to our rAAV plasmid): The gene of interest will be cloned into one of our rAAV plasmids. Contact us via email to learn more about our promoter options. To request this service, we will require a plasmid containing your gene of interest with its map/sequence. 
      • Endotoxin testing: We offer endotoxin testing of rAAV produced in our facility. Low endotoxin levels of rAAV are encouraged for in vivo experiments. We also offer standalone endotoxin testing of any rAAV prep. We require 40µL of purified rAAV for performing the endotoxin (quantitative limulus amoebocyte) assay. 
      • Plasmid amplification: We also offer the service of amplifying rAAV plasmid preps. Our procedure yields at least 1.5mg of low-endotoxin plasmid that can be used for production at any scale.  
      • Whole-genome sequencing: Sequence your plasmid(s) through MGB’s DNA core. This service provides whole-plasmid sequencing via NGS. Provide a sample of plasmid(s) to be sequenced before using for rAAV production. 
      • AAV hyper-concentration: This service can be used for concentrating low yield rAAV preps or for obtaining highly concentrated rAAV preps. We concentrate rAAV preps up to 10-fold with a starting volume of 1mL.  


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