Flow Cytometry Core

To provide high standard cell sorting and analysis services to the research community at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Longwood Medical area.

Personnel/Contact Information:

Jane Leopold, MD

Manager, BWH flow cytometry core:
Grigoriy Losyev

Administrator, BWH flow cytometry core:
Rick Bowman

Location of Core: 
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, NRB 435E, Boston

Major Equipment: 

BD Accuri C6 4-color Analyzer -- https://www.bdbiosciences.com/en-us/instruments/research-instruments/research-cell-sorters/facsaria-fusion

CytoFLEX S V4-B2-Y4-R3 Flow Cytometer (13 Detectors, 4 Lasers) -- https://www.beckman.com/flow-cytometry/research-flow-cytometers/cytoflex-s/c09766

Cytek DxP12 10-color Analyzer

FY24 prices as follows:

Services Internal External NonProfit  External Industry
DxP11 Analyzer $               70.00   $             100.80   $             111.30 
BD Aria Sorter Full Service $             100.00   $             144.00   $             159.00 
Cytoflex A/B $               70.00   $             100.80   $             111.30 

Getting Started:

For more information on the core, please visit the website here

Online sign-up:
Please register first with Grigoriy Losyev at GLOSYEV@PARTNERS.ORG

Sample Preparation:

What samples should I bring?

  • All users must always bring single stained compensation samples each stained with one color AND one unstained tube. Cell suspensions should be passed through a 35um nylon mesh filter (BD Biosciences part # 352235) right before sorting.
  • Don’t have enough cells for compensation?User can purchase compensation beads from BD BD CompBeads 552845 ‘Anti-Rat/Hamster’ for mouse samples BD CompBeads 552843 ‘Anti-Mouse’ for almost all human samples.