This Service is temporarily down. If any questions, please feel free to reach out to Yovani Edwards

Integrated DNA Technologies

Custom oligonucleotide synthesis will be offered through IDT. This company has created a unique gateway for Partners customers.

Please go to the Services tab for pricing and order details.

Partners has negotiated significant discount: Sample pricing $0.14/base for 25 nmole scale.  Similar discounts are available for other scales and for modified oligonucleotides.

Partners Investigators will place orders through the Partners Cores Website (PCMS). Users have to register an account with PCMS and give a valid Partners fund number (6-digit Peoplesoft number) to access IDT ordering portal.

Step by Step Protocol for Ordering:

1) Sign in using your PCMS account username and password (if you do not have a user name, create an account using your Partners login name and passcode)
2) Click on “External Services” in the top menu
3) On the initial set-up, you will see the “Add Fund” button. You will need to add your VALID (six-digit PeopleSoft fund that has not expired) Partners fund number to advance to the next step. Please ensure that you always maintain a valid fund number on PCMS for timely ordering of External Services.
4) Click “Order Services” under IDT, which will re-direct you to the IDT Services available.  Please note you will be prompted by a security certificate error when clicking this button, but it is safe to click "Continue to this Web-site", which will take you to the IDT Portal.
5) On the IDT website, you will be asked to create an IDT account. You will first be asked which Division (locations) orders should go to. There are only three locations MGH-Main, MGH-CNY and BWH. Once you have entered the Division, click “Set up a New Account”. Be sure to use your Partners login ID as the Login Name, when setting up the account.
6) Once the Account has been created and verified by the RCFO team, you may begin ordering
7) When checking out your order, please be sure to enter the destination of the oligo i.e. Building and Room Number before the final submission and use the same fund number as when registering.
8) Please note that all users must go through the PCMS website to access the IDT Partners ordering portal each time they place an order with IDT to receive the discounted price.
9) Once you have ordered, the RCFO team will be notified, and you will be provided a monthly invoice itemizing all charges, and subsequently billed via journal using the fund number you have provided on the account.
10) Orders placed by 3 PM EST will be processed the next day and delivered the following day-exceptions are orders placed on Fridays or the day before National holidays.