The OGI Genomics Core facility was established in April of 2013 by the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary’s Department of Ophthalmology, with the goal of offering advanced genomics analysis methods and techniques to MEEI’s clinical research staff and affiliates. This investment in instrumentation, infrastructure, and personnel has resulted in a facility capable of performing multiple and varied genomics analyses from experimental design to data analysis and interpretation.

Services provided by the Genomics core:

·         Sanger sequencing

·         MLPA

·         Fragment analysis

·         qPCR

·         DNA and RNA isolation

·         Whole exome sequencing

·         Next-generation sequencing (NGS) using Illumina instrumentation

·         RNA sequencing (RNA-seq)

·         Quantification and QC analysis of nucleic acids, PCR products, NGS libraries using various methods