DF/HCC Tissue MicroArray Core

The Tissue Microarray (TMI) Core generates tissue microarrays that allow hundreds of 
tumors and samples to be evaluated on a single slide, maximizing precious tissue resources. 
The Core also provides access to TMI Profiler, a Web-based database that facilitates data 
dissemination and sharing.

Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Sabina Signoretti, M.D.
Phone: (617) 525-7437
Fax: (617) 264-5169
Email: ssignoretti@partners.org

Other Staff:

Associate Pathologist: Scott Rodig, M.D., Ph.D.
Technical Contact, Nucleic Acid Isolation Chungdak Namgyal 732-7723,
Aperio Imaging: Teri Bowman tbowman@partners.org 525-7442

DF/HCC Research Pathology Cores Manager: Lauri Wyner 
Phone: (617) 432-4947
Fax: (617) 432-6474
Email: lauri_wyner@hms.harvard.edu

Location of Core:

The facility is located at 20 Shattuck Street, Thorn 630, Boston.


►Construction of standard and custom TMIs
►Preparation of slides
►Image acquisition and analysis
►Access to and training on the TMI Profiler

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