Viral Vector Core

The MGH Vector Core Facility was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of the Partners Research Core Facilities. Our initial goal was to meet the increasing need of researchers in the Boston area for recombinant viral vectors capable of achieving efficient and long-lasting genetic modification of cells and model organisms. Since that time we have become an increasingly valuable partner in biomedical research, as researchers and companies from across the US continue to solicit our services in the fight against rare inherited diseases. Our viruses have been featured in a number of publications, and one of our constructs is currently the therapeutic agent of investigation in a Phase I clinical trial.

We aim to provide three main services to our clients:

  1. We prepare high-titer, high-quality research-grade lentivirus, retrovirus, and adeno-associated (AAV) vector stocks at competitive prices in a timely manner.
  2. We work with investigators and companies to design vectors for tailored for their specific applications.
  3. We provide scientific consultation to identify the best strategies to achieve project goals in a cost-sensitive and timely manner.

We look forward to discussing the ways in which we can help you achieve success in your research. Please contact us for more information.

Inform the Core of any papers you publish using a virus derived from the Core. 
Acknowledge the MGH Vector Core (funded by NIH/NINDS P30NS045776) of the publications.

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