The Antibody Core Facility provides commonly used monoclonal antibodies to the BWH research community. The antibodies are available in convenient 500µg aliquots at a cost substantially lower than that of commercial vendors.
The Chronobiology Core provides a central resource for trained personnel specialized in Chronobiology procedures, available to Investigators on an hourly basis.
The ID Retrovirology Core processes samples from HIV- and HCV-infected patients participating in clinical research studies. Services include plasma and serum separation, peripheral blood Cncermononuclear cell isolation and cryopreservation, and preparation of cell pellets.
The Core isolates and distributes high quality human, non-human primate, porcine and rodent islets for basic scientific research studies.
This research resource core will organize, label, maintain, and distribute rare-earth metal labeled antibodies for CyTOF mass cytometry.
The core will offer advice on strategies for cloning, provide relevant plasmids and help packaging lentivirus based vectors, retrovirus and Aden associated virus (AAV). Custom packaging and tittering services are also offered.