The facility is equipped with, Olympus FV1200 confocal microscope (without multi-photon capability) consisting of an Argon 458/477/488/514 nm laser, a Green HeNE 543 nm, a Red HeNe 633 nm laser, and a Coherent ULTRA near infrared tunable Titanium Sapphire laser (690 - 1040 nm). The systems allow a range of experiments with fixed or live samples with time lapse function available on all systems making it possible to perform experiments over time courses in 5 different channels. Investigators with expertise in mammalian cells, yeast cells, Drosophila and Zebra fish embryos and ovaries, bacteria, and other tissues are available to help the users.
offers access to Nikon A1 laser scanning confocal microscope with state of the art imaging facility with resonant scanning and spectral imaging capabilities.
The facility is equipped with, Nikon TE200-U inverted microscope with Nomarski optics, epifluorescence and scanning confocal system. A range of experiments with fixed or live samples with time lapse function and fluoresecence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) are available.
Scheduling and access to Leica SP8 and Leica SPE confocal microscopes
The core offers: *The Olympus Multiphoton FVMPRE-RS Microscopy System for cutting-edge research imaging
The Imaging Core provides services for image capture, image computation, and biomarker staining.
The core provides Transmission electron microcopy and confocal microscopy services.
The core offers access to state-of-the-art optical, fluorescence, and electron microscopy (including immunogold labeling), and image analysis software. Major equipment includes a JEOL 1011 electron microscope, Nikon A1R, Nikon AXR and Zeiss LSM800 with Airyscan confocal microscope platforms, Nikon 90i and 80i conventional fluorescence microscopes, Microtome, Vibratome,Leica cryostats and ultramicrotomes, and an MMI laser cut micro dissection system.